Saturday, 1 March 2014

Architectural Design 2: Minor Project 1

For the first minor project, it's about Vernacular architecture so we're required to do some research on Maldives vernacular architecture (hence previous post) for our group of 18 students so about 3 weeks ago we had presentation together with our precedent studies on local Malaysian architect for Minor Project 2.

but to day I'm going to share the first minor project and post the second one later. :)

A poster to sum up all the things we found out.

We even come up with a model of that house. 

Other groups' posters. 

After presentation, we had the open critique session with the 8 lecturers so it got really ugly I have to tell you. 

But that's what being in architecture school all about. Being trained to become an architect ain't an easy thing so got punched in the face with those nasty comments are good thing. I sincerely hope. 

So many things need to be reconsidered for our next assignment, the beginning of our major project so I hope it's better for me to document some stuffs here so I can recall what I need to include for our next presentation which is the Site Analysis. 

let's hope and work for the best. 

Until then, take care.